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Why it is easier to raise a dog today

Nowadays, it is easier to raise a dog than before. Dogs have been friends to man for a very long time, and the most domesticated of animals. If you do not raise your dog well, it may grow to cause you a lot of troubles, or worse still, injure you. Therefore, you must know how to raise your dog well and there are lots of help for you today. Here is why it is easier to raise a dog.

More information is known about dogs compared to before

Every day, new knowledge is discovered and more light is shed on gray areas. Now, a lot is known about the behavior of a dog, which spurs them to react in certain ways, how best to take care of them, etc. For instance, some decades back, not many people knew that a dog could be depressed or be battling with mental issues and as a result, behave irregularly.

There is better care for dogs

Just like with human medicine, animal medicine evolves by the second. There are better resources to take care of dogs now – better foods, better drugs, better ways of resting, etc. As such, a dog raised in this time is healthier and better than a dog that was raised some years back. Also, technology has made it easier to do almost everything, including raising dogs. You can teach your dog how to use technology and this will make them intelligent and fun to be with.

Reading reviews

You can easily read reviews on platforms that sell dogs and other animal-related products. For example, when you see Pawp reviews on independent reviews platforms like, you will be able to read about other people’s experience with their dogs, the type of dogs they have, and the things they are buying for their dog. You can take a cue from there to get the right products for your dog too. Hence, the available of online reviews that people can read from the comfort of their homes has made it easier to raise dogs today.

Here is how to raise your dog properly:

Crate train your puppy

You should start raising a dog from when it is a puppy so that you can have a more intimate relationship with it. you should however not wean a pup from its mother until it is eight weeks old. Puppies want to feel loved and secured, so shower it with lots of love and attention as with human babies. A puppy who feels vulnerable and unloved will likely engage in undesirable behavior, so make your puppy feel at home as much as possible. Also, crate trains your puppy. Make a cozy crate for it; this crate becomes the pup’s comfort zone and provides it the feeling of comfort and safety. The crate should neither be too big or too small, it should be a perfect size. Also, you can use crate training to potty train your dog.

Encourage your dogs to socialize

Do not lock your dog away all the time. Dogs need to socialize just like human beings. You have to train them appropriately so that they can interact with other humans, and pets including cats. Take your dog out to meet other dogs during walks or park visits. The more your dog interacts with people, the more it gets accustomed to outsiders and this can help control unwanted aggression. The more you do this, the more you are socializing your dog to accommodate others and avoid embarrassing incidents of your dog misbehaving.

Schedule training periods and use rewards

You have to set a schedule for training your dog – it helps the dog adapt to a routine easily. It also makes it easy to train and predict its behavior. Include rewards in training your dog. You have to motivate your canine properly if you want to see any lasting result. If you reward your dog for good behavior, they will do more of it. You can reward them with toys, food treats, cuddles, words of appreciation, etc. Do not in any way hit your dog as this may cause it to be fearful or aggressive.

Get your dog into a manners class

There are lots of obedience tutoring classes that you can get your dog into. These classes help you in training your pet. They provide you the professional help you need in disciplining your dog. They are also good places for your dogs to socialize with other dogs and dog lovers. Obedience tutoring classes teach your dogs how to behave in the different situations they find themselves, and ultimately strengthens your dog’s confidence and reduce its fear and anxiety. If you want a perfect job to be done on your dog, get it into a puppy manners class.

Spend quality time with your dog

Every pup needs to be loved and cared for, and this will form the foundation of the type of dog they will grow up to be. Spend maximum time with your dog. Engage in fun activities with it. Playing with your dog even makes it easier to train it, and creates a strong bond between you and it. The puppy will feel more secure with you and respond better to your instructions. Observe your dog’s behavioral signs because they are its way of talking with you and the best way to understand how it feels.

Use training tools and toys

There are a lot of tools that help to simplify the dog training process of your dog. These tools help you do less while achieving greater results with your dog. They also help you to know the needs and requirements of your dog. Tug toys, fetch toys, interactive toys, balls, etc are some of the training tools. The more you train your dog, the more exercise becomes a vital part of its life. Also, your dog burns any extra energy as it plays around.

 Be consistent with training your dog

Just like with any other thing, you can make headway if you are not consistent. Stay with the dog schedules and training norms. Do not make frequent changes anyhow, it confuses the pet. Doing things like changing its pee location, sleeping spot, etc leads to delay in the training process. Your pup is not a mature human being that understands that something is just temporal. Let the basic commands you tell it be the same always. Your puppy loves you unconditionally, and you must constantly reciprocate its love and train it. Making the training fun will be good for both you and your puppy.